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It's now common place to secure your identity, your online visitors expect the same. Increase your customer preceived value and rank better on Google by adding SSL security today.



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Secure your site.

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What Is SSL Security?

Whenever you shop online you probably noticed the little "Secured" icon. SSL is how websites encrypt data between the server and your customer. Today, every site, no matter the size, needs to be secured to prevent common hacking issues.

Google Ranks Secure Sites.

An SSL secure site is one that Google and your customer trust more. Google's latest search update places a heavy empahsis on having a secure site no matter the size. Whether you are a blog or a shop you need to have your customers enter via https://. 

Vulnerability Testing

I use the Acunetix, the industry leader in vulernability testing tools, to deep probe your server and websites. I then provide a comprehensive report that shows what you need to fix now in order to secure your customer data & avoid SEO optimization issues. Normally only available to Enterprise users, I use the latest tools to secure your digital presence.


  • Free Site Review
  • Design Review
  • Security Issues Review


  • Basic 256bit SSL
  • Site Vulnerability Scan
  • Professional Installation
  • 30 Day Guarentee


$250 & up
  • Site & Wep App Probing
  • Certificate Option Review
  • Full Vulnerability Scan

Common Questions

Chances are you never thought about SSL for your site. Here are some things to keep in mind.

I personally order and install your security certificate. Typical turnaround time is 3 days however you will need to be available in order to retrieve your information for the certificate. Please be avilable and the process will be quick and easy!

For Basic SSL I use NameCheap Positive SSL available for terms up to 3 years. Your certificate will provide secure urls for "yourwwebsite.com" & "www.yourwebsite.com"

Basic certificates are good for one year. Optionally you can ask about longer certificates and their prices. Certificates are reccomended to be replaced every year in order to maintain compliance and the latest security protocols. The longest term available for Basic SSL is 3 years.

In 2017 Google introduced new tools and updates to their search algorithms that help to measure site performance. With that update Google placed heavy emphasis on security, in fact so much so that we saw significant supression of sites that are not secure.

The premise is simple, a SSL website protects the customer from common hackers & provides increased preceived value to the customer thus building trust between the merchant and shopper. In other words Google is trying to protect and satisfy the customer and being secured makes them both happy!

Once your order for a certificate is placed it can not be refunded. An order van be cancelled within 24 hours if I have not been in contact with you. It also can be reissued in case your server fails and you need to reinstall etc.

Of course! I am a web developer with over 10 years of experiance designing digital strategies. I focus on small and medium sized business but can accomadate nearly any commercial client through my consulting group, ICR Consulting www.icrcgroup.com Contact me today to learn how I can help your business. Visit www.joshuaberkowitz.us to learn more about my web local development.

Contact Information.

You can contact me any way that is convenient for you. I am available 24/7 via email and Skype. You can always request a visit if you are in the South Florida or Philadelphia areas!